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Automobile Engineering

The purpose of development in engineering is to give more and more comfort to mankind and make the life easy. Automobile is one such sector which has witnessed enormous growth with this target and is the most promising and emerging sector. Today many automobile brands have become the identity for elite class. This journey could be made possible only by the technological developments in associated domains, creating the need for skilled and experienced engineers. In the coming future, this demand is going to grow multifold and Automobile engineers with strong academic background and practical knowledge will always be a hot cake for the industry. This was very well felt by the management of Oriental Group of Institutes and the Department of Automobile Engineering - was started in the year 2004 and since then it has been instrumental in fulfilling the dreams of budding engineers who are passionate about Automobiles.

Royal Enfield has entered into MoU with the department and a state of the art training centre is operational within the department, where our students get live practical training and certification on the latest motorbike technology / product launched by Royal Enfield by the authorized trainers company. This is only one of its kinds of training centre in central India. The students have been benefitted by this and have been appreciated by the employers for the extra edge they had!

Auto giant BMW has established a knowledge centre in the department and provided a Diesel engine with turbocharger for the departmental students. This is very useful to know about the modern engine technology, space optimization, accessory mounting and thus the legacy of BMW. Our department is the one of the fewest institutes in the world, having such BMW engine. During job interviews the knowledge of students in the field of automotive engines has been appreciated by the visiting employers.

The Automobile department has a rich blend of young & experienced faculty members, having experiences of R&D, industry and academics as well. All the faculty members are very dynamic and vibrant and are the backbone of the department. Faculty members are keeping themselves updated with the latest trends in the Automobile field and this is very helpful to the students when they undergo the curriculum. The faculty is also submitting their research findings in reputed journals and conferences at regular intervals followed by patent filing. We are proud of our students for being very innovative & creative and under the guidance and expertise of the faculty, who designed and developed various Go-kart and ATV vehicles and participated in many national championships, winning the laurels to the institute and demonstrated the capabilities they acquired in the department! Our past students are enjoying their career with reputed companies like TATA motors, Bajaj auto, Mahindra & Mahindra, Eicher, Hyundai, Maruti Suzuki, Honda motors, John Deere, Ashok Leyland, Hitachi, etc.; some are in government organizations including Indian Navy, Coal India, ONGC, Indian Railways, NICL etc.; many have decided to pursue higher education from IIM, IIT and international Universities from Germany, Netherlands etc. and rest of the students have started successful businesses of their own.

Vision & Mission


To become Institute of Excellence in Automobile Engineering by generating interest and imparting quality education and practical knowledge of automobiles to the upcoming engineers to keep pace with the latest happening around the world in automotive field.

  • To encourage a teaching learning process for proper dissemination of theoretical and practical knowledge leading to increased employability.
  • To update faculty and students about the research, development and trends in automobile field.
  • To instill integrity, honesty, innovativeness and zest in the students.
  • To motivate students to become creative, innovative and team players having problem solving attitude.
  • To foster an environment where students can identify and explore their inbuilt potential.
  • To promote all round development of students through curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities.


Automobile department is having best of its class laboratory for the students, which are more than adequate to fulfill the curriculum requirements of the affiliating State Technological University of Madhya Pradesh i.e. Rajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya. Automobile laboratories encompass many real automobiles, both two and four wheelers and are used to demonstrate the actual automobile components to students, enabling them to get hands on experience on these. These labs and available vehicles are one of its own kinds in central India. With these facilities students are also infused about the difference between the theory and its practical usage, which is really helpful to them.

Automobile department has the following fully equipped and state of the art laboratories:

  • Automotive Workshop
  • Automotive Components
  • Hyundai Car Demonstrator
  • Wiring Harness and Component Demonstrator
  • Engine Performance and Emission Testing
  • Vehicle Testing
  • Engine Components
  • Automotive Electrical & Electronics
  • Engine Components
  • Automotive Chassis
  • Metrology
  • Material Testing
  • CAD & Simulation
  • Internal Combustion Engines and FDTS

The department has its own library with more than five hundred books including number of rare books on Automobile Engineering, which are considered Bible of automobile. The library also maintains the project reports and research findings of the faculty and students of the department, so the upcoming students can make a reference to the rich legacy of the past knowledge.

Technical Activity

  • Won II rank in state & I rank in Bhopal in SAE E Baja 2020 at Pithampur, Indore
  • Won award of “Best Future Team” in Indian Karting Racing Championship 2020 at RPM Bhopal
  • Won award of “Cost Optimization” and best team in “Aravalli Terrain Vehicle Championship 2020” at Vadodara, Gujraat
  • Winner of International Go-karting Championship 2019, LPU, Jahalnder, Punjab
  • Second runner up in Quad Bike Design Challenge (QBDC) 2019, Hyderabad, Telagana. (Second position in Endurance & Dynamic round)
  • Winner of MG Design Challenge 2019 at IIT Delhi

Academic Activity

  • Webinar on “Artificial Intelligence in Automobiles: The Future of Automotive Industry” was organized on 21st May 2021.
  • Expert Lecture on "Alternate Automotive Fuel" was organized on 14th May, 2021. 
  • Corporate talk on “Recent Advancements in Vehicle Design & Dynamics” was organized on 8th May, 2021. 
  • Organized two day National convention of “Automotive Engineers” in collaboration with SAE in January 2021.
  • Technical Symposium in collaboration with Royal Enfield on "Recent Trends and Development of Engine and Emission of two Wheelers" was organized in July 2020
  • Expert lecture on “Technological Aspect of Electrical Vehicles” was organized in February 2020.
  • Industrial visit to Saturn Auto link Pvt Ltd. (TATA MOTOR) was organized in February 2020.
  • Organized Royal Enfield training program for students during February 2020
  • Organized two day Hyundai training for automobile students in February 2020.
  • Industrial visit to D K Electro Mech Corporation, Bhopal was organized in January 2020
  • Teachers Training Program on “BS VI Two Wheelers: was organized by Royal Enfield in December 2019
  • Expert lecture on practical approach of welding technology was organized in September 2019
  • Expert lecture on “Modern Engine & Fault Diagnosis Technologies” by Royal Enfield was organized in September 2019
  • Workshop on “Modern Trends of Vehicle Design & Fabrication” was organized in September 2019.
  • Industrial visit to Eicher Tractors, Mandideep was conducted in February 2019
  • Expert Lecture on "Concept to Product Conversion" was organized on 28 July 2021
  • Expert Talk on "Global Automotive After Market- Importance of OEM & Genuine Parts" was organized on 21 August 2021.
  • Industrial Visit to Hyundai Technical Training Centre & CI Hyundai Bhopal was conducted on 24 January 2022.
  • Expert Lecture on "Alternative Fuel for IC Engine and Concept of Bio-fuel Production cum Utilization” was organized on 26 February 2022.
  • Three days’ hand on Workshop on “Dismantling & Assembling of 2-Wheeler Engine” was organized during 9 -11 March 2022.
  • Industrial Visit to CIAE, Bhopal was conducted on 18 March 2022.
  • A Debate competition on "Is India Ready for Electric Vehicles?" was organized on 18 April 2022.


Course Mode : Full Time Course Duration : 4 Years Seats : 60 Entrance Exam : JEE Main exam / (10+2) pass
Eligibility :
The admissions in Engineering or the B. Tech. course are done on the basis of candidates' score in the IIT-JEE Main exam and student has to register for online counseling and take admission as per procedure of Directorate of Technical Education Government of Madhya Pradesh. Students who have passed the 10+2 examination of any recognized board and have missed the IIT-JEE Main exam / online counseling can take a chance for getting admission against vacant seat, if any, by approaching the institute for offline College Level Counseling (CLC).


Automobile Engineering is the branch of engineering which involves best usage of almost all branches of engineering i.e. mechanical, electrical, electronics, materials, metallurgy, chemical, petroleum, computers, etc.. These branches has got unlimited scope for fulfilling your dreams and follow the passion about automobiles, because the demand for newest vehicles and refinements in the today’s latest one is increasing multifold on a daily basis.

With this branch as the basis of your graduation, you can pursue your career in:

  • (a) Design and Development of Vehicles
  • (b) In automobile production and manufacturing industry.
  • (c) Combined Automobile industry i.e. Industry with R&D and manufacturing, is one of the largest Industries in the world (next to iron and steel industry).
  • (d) R&D of alternative / bio fuels and compatible power plant supporting this fuel.
  • (e) Industries developing automobile components
  • (f)Authorized Service point for various automobile brands.
  • As you witness, almost daily, a new automobile is launched or a new feature is added to the existing one, and the desire to possess the latest vehicle is enormously increasing, the scope for automobile is endless; until we completely stop the usage of automobile!

    The engineering with endless career prospects and soaring to greater heights!

    Academic Achievement III Semester (2020-2024 batch)

    Branch Enrollment No. Name SGPA
    AU 0105AU201010 PRASHANT DWIVEDI 9.67
    AU 0105AU201003 DEVENDRA NAMDEV 9.21
    AU 0105AU201005 ISHAAN A SHAJI 8.92
    AU 0105AU201019 VEDIK VISHWAKARMA 8.83
    AU 0105AU201017 SYED FAIZ ALI 8.71

    Academic Achievement III Semester (2019-2023 batch)

    Branch Enrollment No. Name SGPA
    AU 0105AU191013 SAMEER AHMED HASHMI 9.17
    AU 0105AU191007 DIVANSH PATWARI 9.17
    AU 0105AU191012 PRINCE GOUR 8.88
    AU 0105AU191016 SHUBHAM NAWATHEY 8.83
    AU 0105AU191001 AAYUSH MISHRA 8.54

    Academic Achievement IV Semester

    Branch Enrollment No. Name SGPA
    AU 0105AU191016 SHUBHAM NAWATHEY 9.42
    AU 0105AU191013 SAMEER AHMED HASHMI 8.75
    AU 0105AU203D05 VARDHMAN GAWANDAY 8.67
    AU 0105AU191012 PRINCE GOUR 8.63
    AU 0105AU191023 VIMAL PRATAP MEWADA 8.58

    Academic Achievement V Semester

    Branch Enrollment No. Name SGPA
    AU 0105AU191016 SHUBHAM NAWATHEY 9.46
    AU 0105AU191013 SAMEER AHMED HASHMI 9.33
    AU 0105AU191012 PRINCE GOUR 9.29
    AU 0105AU191023 VIMAL PRATAP MEWADA 9.08
    AU 0105AU203D05 VARDHMAN GAWANDAY 9.04

    Academic Achievement V Semester (2018-2022 batch)

    Branch Enrollment No. Name SGPA
    AU 0105AU181009 HARSHIT GURJAR 9.46
    AU 0105AU181021 SAHIL INGLEY 9.33
    AU 0105AU181008 HARSH CHOUDHARY 9.25
    AU 0105AU181024 TALHA KHAN 9.25
    AU 0105AU181004 ASHUTOSH CHOUDHARY 9.17

    Academic Achievement VI Semester

    Branch Enrollment No. Name SGPA
    AU 0105AU181008 HARSH CHOUDHARY 9.29
    AU 0105AU181020 RAVI DUBEY 9.25
    AU 0105AU181007 DIVYANSH SHRIVAS 9
    AU 0105AU181009 HARSHIT GURJAR 8.96
    AU 0105AU181004 ASHUTOSH CHOUDHARY 8.92

    Academic Achievement VII Semester

    Branch Enrollment No. Name SGPA
    AU 0105AU181008 HARSH CHOUDHARY 9.46
    AU 0105AU181009 HARSHIT GURJAR 9.42
    AU 0105AU181020 RAVI DUBEY 9.33
    AU 0105AU193D04 SOHAN LAL 9.29
    AU 0105AU181004 ASHUTOSH CHOUDHARY 9.17

    Academic Achivement 3rd Sem

    Branch Enrollment No. Name SGPA
    AU 0105AU181009 HARSHIT GURJAR 7.71
    AU 0105AU181018 PRASHANT TIWARI 7.58
    AU 0105AU181014 MD JUNAID ANSARI 7.46
    AU 0105AU181021 SAHIL INGLEY 7.29
    AU 0105AU181004 ASHUTOSH CHOUDHARY 7.08

    Academic Achivement 5th Sem

    Branch Enrollment No. Name SGPA
    AU 0105AU171021 SHUBHAM CHOUBEY 8.67
    AU 0105AU171011 MANU TIWARI 8.42
    AU 0105AU171013 NITIN SHARMA 8.38
    AU 0105AU171015 RAJAT MALVIYA 8.29
    AU 0105AU171009 KUNAL RAI 8.25

    Academic Achivement 5th Sem

    Branch Enrollment No. Name SGPA
    AU 0105AU161006 AMAN SONI 8.38
    AU 0105AU161028 SHRADHEY BANSAL 8.25
    AU 0105AU161008 ANUPAM SONI 8.19
    AU 0105AU161022 OMPRAKASH DANGI 8.19
    AU 0105AU161007 AMANDEEP HURA 7.88


  • Second Position Citronic National ATV Championship 2018 at Indore.
  • Won awards under different categories Indian Karting Championship 2018, Kohlapur, Maharastra
  • Winner of International Go-karting Championship 2018, LPU, Jahalnder, Punjab
  • Winner of Ultimate Karting championship 2017, Bhopal.
  • Partcipating International Karting 2018, Vishkhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh
  • Partcipating International F9 Gokarting Championship 2018, Bhopal, MP
  • Participating ATV Championship 2018, Kota, Rajasthan
  • Recived BMW Engine from BMW India Ltd. Under skillnext programe for Student learning purpose.
  • 2018-2019

  • Winner of International Go-karting Championship 2019, LPU, Jahalnder, Punjab
  • Second runner up in Quad Bike Design Challenge (QBDC) 2019, Hyderabad, Telagana. (Second position in Endurance & dynamic round)
  • MOU between Royal Enfield & OIST for Student tranning & Technology Support.
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