Computer Science Engineering - OIST Bhopal

About Us

Recognized as "NBA Accredited", the Computer Science & Engineering Department started functioning from the academic year 1995 along with the inception of the institution and is known for its best research ambiance, well complemented with qualified faculty.

Department offers 4-years UG program (B.Tech) in CSE, as well as 2-years PG program (M.Tech) in CSE and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It has a comprehensive curriculum as per the mandate of the affiliating University on topics pertaining to all aspects of Computer Hardware and Software with a focus on most preferred practical learning. The course structure is up-to-date and includes top-most courses on nascent topics to equip the students with the latest developments in Computer Science and Engineering.

The Department has got NBA certification which qualifies for the top-most learning experience along with the best curricula being followed in a disciplined manner. This NBA Accreditation also certifies that the department is supervised in the best ways and is ensuring the excellent learning experience for its students.

The Department has state-of-the-art infrastructure and computing facilities supported by high-speed Ethernet. Various active student organizations such as ACSE (Association of Computer Science & Engineering), PDC (Personality Development Cell) Computer Science & Engineering Cultural club, Photography club, Sports club, and Professional Chapter IET (Institute of Engineering & Technology).

Our faculty members aim at delivering top class education by blending their rich research experience with classroom teaching. The teaching-learning process comprises classroom teaching, along with tutorials, practicals, seminars, viva-voce, minor/major projects, group discussion, expert lectures, industrial visits, industrial training, and workshops. The teaching aids include overhead projector (OHP), LCD / DLP, E-campus software, and series of audiovisual CDs related to various subjects developed by NPTEL.


To produce technically and ethically competent graduates, fulfilling the needs of industry standards for socio-economical development of the nation.

  • To build strong teaching, learning and ethical environment for imparting quality education.
  • To provide an environment to enhance ethics, analytics, innovations, leadership capabilities and team spirit for serving industry, higher education and entrepreneurship.
  • To develop industry-institute interaction program and provide exposure to R&D to bridge the gap between theory and practical learning.
Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)
  • Preparation: Able to apply concepts of mathematics, science, hardware and software aspects of computing to Computer Science and Engineering
  • Knowledge: Able to design and develop interdisciplinary and innovative hardware and software solutions.
  • Professionalism: Able to inculcate effective communication skills, team work, ethics, leadership in preparation for a successful career in government, academia, industry and R&D organizations.
Program Specific Outcomes
  • Develop skills to design, analyze algorithms and implement those using recent programming languages.
  • Apply learning of courses related to web engineering, networking, database management, security and interdisciplinary domain to derive solutions of real world problems.

Number of students placed

2021-22 2020-21 2019-20
114 112 110


  • Seminar Hall: A dedicated Seminar Hall with a capacity for 150 people and is equipped with Audio/ Video/ Internet facilities/ACs and Projection.
  • Departmental Library: A dedicated departmental library with more than 250 volumes and access to International Journals and Periodicals for students and Staff.
  • LCD Projectors: for presentations in labs and classrooms
  • NPTEL videos: - series of audio visual CD are available for various subjects delivered by NPTEL.
  • Well furnished classrooms & tutorial rooms.

Software Facilities

  • MS Office
  • Java
  • Python
  • RStudio
  • C/C++
  • Oracle 11g
  • Visual Studio 2008
  • Network Simulation Software
  • IBM’s Rational Requisite Pro Software

Laboratories Facilities

  • Central Computer Center
  • CSE Lab 1
  • CSE Lab 2
  • CSE Lab 3
  • Advanced Computing Lab
  • Networking Lab.
  • Research Lab.

Industrial/Academic Tie Ups

  • CRISP Bhopal
  • Aartech Solonics Pvt Ltd.
  • B-Nest Bhopal
  • Internshala
  • Linux Academy Australia
  • Redhat Academy
  • Oracle Academy
  • Microsoft for Python
  • Oracle Academy


Course Mode : Full Time Course Duration : 4 Years Seats : 180 Entrance Exam : JEE Main exam
Eligibility :

Based on candidates performance in JEE Mains, on All India Level.


Most engineering programs start with general courses in Sciences, and then migrate to specialized courses for the disciplines. With this approach, the B.Tech (CSE) program can be divided broadly in two halves.

  • The first half focuses on building the foundations, and is highly structured.
  • The second part is for developing the skills and knowledge of the students in various topics – computing and application domains. This part also provides limited specializations, and different students may follow different paths and take different set of courses in it.
  • Our objective is to produce quality Engineering graduates by imparting top-notch education in the field of Computer Science and to lead them in a successful career industries or entrepreneurial endeavours.


    List of Patent

    1. Australian Patent on System for determining physiological condition of driver in autonomous driving and alarming the driver using Machine Learning model. Name of Inventors: Pankaj Pandey, Harita Bhargava, Sanjay Pal, Parul Khatri, Shivank Soni, Meenakshi Patel, Bhavna Chaube and Goldie Jarbais Date of Issue: 19 August 2021

    2. Indian Patent on Automated Hydroponic System Using IOT Devices. Name of Inventors: Dr. Shrikant Jade, Atul Barve, Sreeja Nair, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma, Dr. Monika Bhatnagar, Meenakshi Patel, Bhavna Choubey, Harita Bhargava and Preeti Dixit Date of Issue: 11 March 22

    3. Indian Patent on System for Detecting Anomaly. Name of Inventors: Dr. Shrikant Jade, Atul Barve, Sanjay Pal, Parul Khatri, Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma, Shivank Soni, Anil Kumar Kushwah, Manjari Singh Rathore, Dr. Pushpinder Singh Patheja Date of Issue: 11 March 22

    4. Indian Patent on Autonomous Vehicle Driving and Traffic Sign Identification Based on Deep Learning Models. Name of Inventors: Pankaj Pandey, Atul Barve, Sreeja Nair, Sanjay Kumar Sharma, Harita Bhargava, Jayant Shukla. Date of Issue: 5 November 2021


    Team Leader Adwaitt Pandya 0126CS181013 Enhanced Brain Tumor Segmentation
    Member Vikrant Singh Tomar 0105CS181123 Enhanced Brain Tumor Segmentation
    Member Shashwat Chaturvedi 0105CS181098 Enhanced Brain Tumor Segmentation
    Member Yashraj Mishra 0105CS181125 Enhanced Brain Tumor Segmentation
    Team Leader Sneha Tiwari 0105CS181103 POS Tagging
    Member Shreya Nema 0105CS181101 POS Tagging
    Team Leader Saurabh Chaudhari 0105CS181094 Fitnetic
    Member Rohan Mishra 0105CS181084 Fitnetic
    Member Yuvraj Chandrawanshi 0105CS181126 Fitnetic
    Member Palak Bisen 0105CS181072 Fitnetic
    Team Leader Tejus Wadbudhe 0105CS181119 Augmented Reality Snake Game
    Member Srishti Chourasia 0105CS181111 Augmented Reality Snake Game
    Team Leader Divya Kurothe 0105CS181037 Kubernetes multinode cluster using Ansible
    Team Leader Pragya Agrawal 0105CS181076 Voice based email for visually challenged people
    Member Ruchi Rai 0105CS181086 Voice based email for visually challenged people

    Recent Activities

    Seminar, Expert Lecture, Industrial Visits are being initialy held/organized in the department with enthusiastic help and support coming from its students.

    Session 2021-2022 Activity List

    S. No. Name of Topic Action Taken Day-Month-Year Resource Person with Designation
    1 Notworking to Networking" Seminar 17-08-2021 Dr Aditya Abhyankar Director School of Technology SP Pune University, Maharashtra, India
    2 Webinar on Artificial Intelligence Drivers for Growth in Business and its Application Seminar 24-08-2021 Mr Arpit Yadav
    3 Unblocking the blocks in Block Chain Technology Concept and Simulation, using MHRD-IIT Block Chain Virtual Lab Seminar 21-08-2021 Dr Rahul Johari Assistant Professor
    4 What is Software Engineering Anyway? Seminar 28-08-2021 Dr Sridhar Chimalakonda Assistant Professor
    5 Compute, Compute, Compute—How Hard Can It Get? Seminar 04-09-2021 Dr. Meena Mahajan Professor
    6 Security and Trust Seminar 11-09-2021 Kaarthik Sivakumar
    7 How to Write a Good Research Paper Seminar 18-09-2021 Dr. R Venkateswaran (Venki)
    8 Efficient processing of range queries Seminar 25-09-2021 Dr. Madhavan Mukund
    9 Webinar:,"Algorithmic Puzzles" Seminar 16-10-2021 Dr. Neeldhara Misra Assistant Professor
    10 Webinar:"Cloud of Things" Seminar 23-10-2021 Dr. Nisha Chaurasia,Assistant Professor
    11 ACM India Celebration of Women in Computing 2021 [AICWiC 2021] ACMWic 2021 Event 30-10-2021 Dr. Bushra Anjum Dr. Sriparna Saha Dr. Litika Dey Dr. Aruna Malapati Dr. Renuka Sindhgatta Rynaa Grover Dr. Anubha Gupta
    12 An Introduction to Blockchain Know how Blockchain is changing your world Webinar 10-12-2021 1. Mr. Raj A Kapoor 2. Mr. Rajiv Bordoloi
    13 Overcoming Examinophobia Webinar 13-01-2022 Mr.Pradeep Mandal Life Skill Consultant
    14 Human Values and Its Importance Webinar 15-01-2022 Dr.Ganesh P.Shukla Assistant Professor Guru Ghasidas Vishwavidhyalya Bilaspur,C.G.
    15 Quiz Competition Azadi ka Arit Mahostav Quiz Competition 22/01/2022
    16 Pre Placement Talk 19/02/2022 Suparshaw Singh
    17 Pre Placement Talk 19/02/2022 Tashmiya Anshari
    18 Workshop on "Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security" Workshop 25- 26/02/2022 Mr. Mudassir Hashmi Senior Technology Evangelist Cybrom Technology Pvt Ltd,Bhopal
    19 Expert Talk( Science Day) : Science & Technology : Present and Future Webinar 28/02/2022 Dr.Rutvi Shah Assistant Professor , CPICA, Ahmedabad.
    20 Alumni Talk 9/3/2022 Saumya Chaudhary,Vivek Verma
    21 Industrial Visit Sect 4A, CRIPS, Shamla Hills Bhopal 14/03/2022
    22 Industrial Visit Sect 4B, CRIPSShamla Hills Bhopal 16/03/2022
    23 Workshop by CISCO Netwoking Academy and NIIT Foundation on "Cyber Security" Workshop 25- 26/03/2022 Mr.Sushit Soni, Trainer at CISCO Networking Academy NIIT Foundation ,Delhi
    24 Expert Talk " A Glimpse into Real- World Tech" under Programming Club Expert Session 28/03/2022 Md. Sameer Khan, Principal Engineer, The Internet Folks
    25 Pre Placement Talk 28/03/2022 Tajes Wadbudhe

    Activity Held in ( 2020-21 )

    S. No. Event Date
    1 Data Analytics and management 10-07-2020
    2 Industry Expert Talk on Data Analytic & Management 18-07-20
    3 Awareness on cyber security and mobile security 20-07-20
    4 Data Science for you 25-07-20
    5 Git+Github for open source Collaboration 22-08-20
    6 ATAL FDP on Cyber Security 24-08-20 to 28-08-20
    7 Fake News Detection with Machine Learning 22-09-20
    8 Start up Ecosystem- endless possibilities 30-09-20
    9 Workshop-AI Chatbot using dialog flow 24-10-20 to 25-10-20
    10 Build a mobile app with Google Sheets on Glide 29-10-20
    11 Project Demo Day 17-11-2020
    12 Career Guidance Session 21-11-2020
    13 Alumni Talk 12-12-2020
    14 Hackathon 28-12-2020
    15 Hands-on Lab Session 02-01-2021
    16 Online Coding Contest 16-01-2021
    17 How to win hackathon & International Collegiate Programming Contest 11-04-2021
    18 Introduction to Natural Language Processing using NPTK 15-04-2021
    19 Blockchain Applications 22-04-2021
    20 How to Prepare for a job Interview 15-06-2021
    21 DATA SCIENCE Concept & Application 25-06-2021
    22 Application of Blockchain Smart Contracts 30-06-2021

    Industrial Visit ( 2019-2020 )

    S. No. Activities Date of Conduction Details
    1 Industrial visit 03-03-2020 NETLINK
    2 Alumni Interaction 20-01-2020 Mr.Verneet Singh
    3 Workshop 24-02-2020 IoT (IndEyes Bhopal)
    4 Seminar 20-02-2020 Cyber Awareness by MP Cyber Cell
    5 Expert lecture 30-09-2019 Mr. Sushant Sharma, HP IT Bhopal
    6 Expert lecture 11-09-2019 Ms.Sonam Chhatwani & Dr.Satyakant Trivedi
    7 Alumni Interaction 27-07-2019 Kumar Rohan
    8 Industrial visit 27-07-2019 Devesh Chandra Lal, CRISP
    9 Expert lecture 16-07-2019 Mr. Nitin Tomar, Go Daddy
    10 Expert lecture 13-07-2019 Mr. Ajay Verma ,VP Reliance Jio

    Academic Performance

    SGPA Toppers
    Branch Semester Enrollment No. Name SGPA
    CSE III 0105CS201029 AYUSH SONWANE 10
    CSE III 0105CS201067 MEGHNA GUPTA 10
    CSE III 0105CS201080 PALLAVI 10
    CSE III 0105CS201083 PIYUSH JAIN 10
    CSE III 0105CS201096 RAJ SHEKHAR 10
    CSE III 0105CS201099 RESHU WAGHMARE 10
    CSE III 0105CS201110 SAMIKSHA BISEN 10
    CSE III 0105CS201115 SHANU DAS GUPTA 10
    CSE III 0105CS201118 SHIVAM SEN 10
    CSE III 0105CS201124 SUBHANSHU JAIN 10
    CSE III 0105CS201127 SWASTI DWIVEDI 10
    CSE V 0105CS191022 ANSHIKA KHARE 9.88
    CSE V 0105CS191023 ANSHUL VERMA 9.88
    CSE V 0105CS191058 KRATIKA NEMA 9.88
    CSE V 0105CS191064 MINI JHA 9.88
    CSE V 0105CS191087 RAJNANDINI SINGARE 9.88
    CSE VII 0105CS181118 TASMIYA ANSARI 9.48
    CSE VII 0105CS181027 ASHI YADAV 9.46
    Branch Enrollment No. Name CGPA
    CSE 0105CS161046 MANSI GUPTA 9.08
    CSE 0105CS161113 SRISHTY RANI 8.81
    CSE 0105CS161104 SHRADHA JAIN 8.74
    CSE 0105CS161034 JAYSHRI GUPTA 8.59
    CSE 0105CS161098 SHASHANK JAIN 8.58
    CSE 0105CS161021 AYUSH PB 8.58
    CSE 0105CS161033 JAYSHREE PHULARE 8.54
    CSE 0105CS161087 SAGARIKA DEVNATH 8.53
    CSE 0105CS161024 DIKSHA 8.52
    Branch Enrollment No. Name CGPA
    CSE 0105CS171100 SHIVA PILLAI 8.92
    CSE 0105CS171048 KAVYA KHARE 8.9
    CSE 0105CS171042 HEMANT KUMAR ARYA 8.7
    CSE 0105CS171052 MANISHA KUMARI 8.43
    CSE 0105CS171017 ANAM NAUSHAD 8.42
    CSE 0105CS171102 SHIVANK KHARE 8.39
    CSE 0105CS171018 ANANSHA GUPTA 8.26
    CSE 0105CS171034 CHARCHIT SOMANKAR 8.26
    CSE 0105CS171030 ASHUTOSH SHUKLA 8.23
    Branch Enrollment No. Name CGPA
    CSE 0105CS181027 ASHI YADAV 8.88
    CSE 0105CS181118 TASMIYA ANSARI 8.87
    CSE 0105CS181109 SRASHTI DESHMUKH 8.86
    CSE 0105CS181059 LISHA AHUJA 8.85
    CSE 0105CS181090 SAKSHI ASATI 8.82
    CSE 0105CS181042 GAYATRI AGNANI 8.79
    CSE 0105CS181069 NISHA PATEL 8.77
    CSE 0105CS181055 KAUSHIK PANDEY 8.71
    CSE 0105CS181121 TUSHAR SRIVASTAVA 8.7
    CSE 0105CS181019 ANUJ YADAV 8.62
    Co-curricular Laurels
    1 Pravesh Raikwar Aegis Graham Bell Award National Level
    2 Jayshri Gupta Aegis Graham Bell Award National Level
    3 Ayush Batri Aegis Graham Bell Award National Level

    Student Achievements

    Chancellor Scholarship names
    • Apoorva Ricchariya
    • Shiva Pillai
    • Shivangi Indurakhya
    • Mansi Gupta

    Co-Curricular activities
    Smart India Hackathon winners
    • Ramendra Mishra
    • Prafful Kumar Lachhwani
    • Parul Chaurasia
    • Vishal Sharma

    Version Beta Hackathon Winner:
    • Mohammed Sameer Khan

    Aegis Graham Bell Award Winner
    • Aditya Rai
    • Ayush Batri
    • Jaishree Gupta
    • Pravesh Raikwar
    • Jayshri Gupta
    • Ayush Kumar Batri
    • Pravesh Raikwar

    Toycathon Winners
    • Saurabh Chaudhary
    • Sourabh Pawar
    • Roshan Mishra
    • Yuvraj Chandrawanshi
    • Palak Bisen
    • Srashti Deshmukh

    MP Samridhi Idea Competition Winner:
    • Mohammed Sameer Khan

    Students Certifications
    Microsoft Technology Associate
    • Anansha Gupta
    • Aniket Jain
    • Anirudhd Soni
    • Ayush Sharma


    Special Interest Groups

    Following SIGs has been formed for continuous improvement in the students in various latest technologies.

    • Data Science Club
    • Machine Learning Club
    • Programming Club
    • Network And Security Club
    • Data Science Club The department of Computer Science & Engineering has established the Data Science club to bridge the sizable gap between aspiring students who dream of a data science career and the limited talent availability plaguing India’s vast data science industry. The primary objective of this club is to promote data science as a desirable career path to the students by getting them to join the revolutionary career oriented corporate club.
    • Machine Learning Club: The Machine Learning SIG serves as a place/ platform for discussing, learning about, and working on topics related to machine learning and various recent advancements in the area of machine learning. Major activities include discussions of current events in AI, expert talks, webinars, and workshops. The club also provides a platform for project work in ML and AI members can form teams to work on projects like programming competitions and online courses, and then share their progress with the rest of the club during regular meetings. This will also help in providing research opportunities to members of the clubs.
    • Programming Club: Programming Club is an initiative of STEAM Vision to help young growing minds to change the world around them with their understanding of S.T.E.A.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). It aims at identifying and developing innovative skills with assured guidance and proper mentoring to make them future innovators, technology players and entrepreneurs. 
    • Network And Security Club: - This Special Interest Group is all about exploring the vast fields of Computer Networking and Computer Security also known as Cyber Security. Computer Networking is considered as the always in demand branch of Computer science. Cyber Security is trending these days as the Technology companies can’t find enough qualified engineers in the security field. Interested students can join this group and they will get all possible help in development of their Interests in Computer Networking and Cyber Security.

    Professional Body Chapters

    ACM Students Chapter: The goal of the ACM chapter is to delivers resources that advance computing as a science and a profession. ACM Student Chapters provide unique opportunities for networking, mentoring and bonding over common interests. It provide support both within the student community and to local communities outside the institution.

    Some renowned Alumni
    Sandeep Jha,
    Regional Solution Sales Advisor, SAP,
    Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
    Rekha Pradhan
    Associate Partner, IBM
    Greater Boston, US
    Prashant Rai
    Senior Manager , Salesforce
    Framingham, Massachusetts, United States 
    Abhishek Jain
    AVP Sales ,Tech Mahindra
    Farmington, Connecticut, United States
    Minal Guhe
    Technical Project Manager - Americas Media & Gaming ,
    Akamai Technologies Seattle, Washington, United States
    Harsh Chaturvedi
    Certified Salesforce Professional, Technical lead,
    Seera Group Dubai Dubai, United Arab Emirates
    Shivani Singh
    Data Analyst Analyst , Banking,Transportation,
    Health & Energy domains. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    Banwari Lal Sharma
    CEO , CarWale / BikeWale
    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
    Jitendra Aswani
    Business Intelligence Consultant, Cognizant Technology Solutions
    Thane, Maharashtra, India
    Sameer Khare
    Principal Product Engineer, Symphony Services
    Pune, Maharashtra, India
    Mayank Agarwal
    VP .
    Quantitative Analytics Library .
    Engineering Team India Lead .
    Natwest Markets Gurugram, Haryana, India
    Anjani Anjan
    AVP , Citi Bank
    Pune, Maharashtra, India
    Abhishek Kulshrestha Partner , FCG
    Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India
    Vinod Pandya
    Senior Consultant at Deloitte India (Offices of the US) India 
    Rohit Nishant
    Application Engineer , Oracle
    Bangalore Urban, Karnataka, India
    Romit Jain
    Change Management, Finance, Banking, Risk & Capital Markets
    Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    Kushal Shrivastava
    Team Developer , Bank of America
    Hyderabad, Telangana, India
    Adil Kazmi
    Lead SQL Server DBA , S&P Global
    Hyderabad, Telangana, India 
    Megha Kamble
    Release and Environment Manager and IT Analyst ,
    Tata Consultancy Services Pune, Maharashtra, India


    Course Mode : Full Time Course Duration : 2 Years Seats : 18 Entrance Exam : Not applicable
    Eligibility :
    • Candidates should be Indian nationals.
    • Candidates should be graduate in Engg./ Technology with minimum 50% marks.
    • For those belonging to SC/ ST/ OBC (excluding creamy layer) categories of Madhya Pradesh need minimum 45% marks in their graduation, a minimum of 45% marks in their graduation.


    A post-graduate degree, M. Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering is a must if you aspire to set yourself apart from the anonymous mass of "computer professionals" and to assume a leading role in transforming the industry, be it through research, advanced development, teaching, or entrepreneurship.

    The main outcomes of the M Tech (CSE) program is to improve the following attributes in students:-

    • An ability to undertake original research at the cutting edge of computer science & its related areas.
    • An ability to design, develop and evaluate new computer based systems for novel applications which meet the desired needs of industry and society
    • An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility

    In the long run, our role in the world of computing will be defined not by the export of inexpensive commodity services, but by the quality of intellectual property that we produce and own through core technology development.

    Computer Science & Engineering (Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning)

    Course Mode : Full Time Course Duration : 2 Years Seats : 06 Entrance Exam : Not applicable
    Eligibility :
  • Candidates should be Indian nationals.
  • Candidates should be graduate in Engg./ Technology with minimum 50% marks.
  • For those belonging to SC/ ST/ OBC (excluding creamy layer) categories of Madhya Pradesh need minimum 45% marks in their graduation.