Vision & Mission - Oriental College of Pharmacy & Research (OIPR) Bhopal Mp

Vision of the Institute

"Excellence in Pharmaceutical Education and Research”. To serve as a leading global institution in the field of higher education in Pharmaceutical Sciences and research.

Mission of the Institute

  • To create a learning ambience with excellent laboratory facilities in which new ideas and creativity flourish to enable faculty members to undertake innovative research and development for empowerment of students.
  • To incorporate pharmacy principles in the students to transform them in-to global pharmacy professionals.
  • To ensure a congenial environment in the campus to achieve academic excellence.
  • To serve as catalyst in bringing the best in each student in the field of Pharmaceutical sciences.
  • To be a learning organization with a commitment to learn, adapt and change as a means to continuous improvement.
  • To foster and disseminate high quality research and creative work which enhances Learning and contributes to the advancement of knowledge.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Upon completion of the course, graduates will be:

  • Enhancement of creativity and motivation that drives the students towards inculcating professionalism.
  • To set up an environment congenial for synergizing Academics, R & D, Technology and Industry, through training and exposure.
  • To set up collaboration between Pharmacy, Biotechnology and Information Technology which can help in meeting global challenges.
  • Create a world class institute of teaching and research in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Develop and practice e-learning for professionals and training for teachers, researchers and regulators in the respective fields.
  • Expand research activities in new avenues and emerging segments.
  • Explore national and international collaboration in Pharmaceutical Sciences.