About - Oriental College of Pharmacy & Research Bhopal

About OIPR

Oriental Institute of Pharmacy and Research (OIPR), established in 2023 is devoted to the cause of providing and promoting professional education and research in the field of advanced Pharmaceutical Sciences. A PCI, Approved Institution for providing quality education with high performance laboratories to impart practical education related to pharmaceutical sciences.

The Aim of this Institute is to give rise to the excellence and knowledge among each student in the field of pharmaceutical sciences in emerging areas of pharmacy and to ensure total high quality in the academic programs offered by it. To reach this, the institute has equipped with necessary facilities, advanced laboratories, modern classrooms and fully editable 2D seminar hall with latest audio and visualization which are designed according to the compliance limits of PCI.

Oriental Institute of Pharmacy and Research has a CIR Laboratories, Human Anatomy/Physiology Lab, Museum, Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy Labs and Medicinal Herbal Garden with more than 100 varieties of Plant species to provide students a leading knowledge of their subjects. In addition to this well facilitated an Animal House and Library with more than 2500 books are available, through which students can learn animal handling and various latest methodological experiment related to pharmacology and books which is the universal source of knowledge, Hence we mould students in a way that their career leads to highly advanced pharmaceutical & medical fields like medical coding, researches and analytical scientist.