Director's Message - OEC(P) Jabalpur

Director's Message

Technical Education plays a pivotal role in the development of any country. During the present era of information -based society, technical education occupies a significant place and it has been making rapid strides in keeping pace with various industrial innovations & technological advances.

Oriental Institute of Science and Technology, Bhopal since its inception in 1995 is striving ahead to create a niche for itself through its qualitative and quantitative measures in Technical Education.

The time is ripe for the country to have smart engineers who can act universally and think globally. With regards to such challenges, we at OIST, have handled the task of providing the students, a competitive yet nurturing ambience to hone their talents along with the right skill sets to improve their analytical problem solving and communication skills.

We ensure that our students experience top quality technical instruction which allows them to achieve their full potential and become competent, motivated engineers and scientists. The students emerge out of the institution as dutiful citizens, with their education as a tool to solve the problems of the society.

Director OEC(P), Jabalpur