OIST Jabalpur - Infrastructure & Facilities


In order to reduce the students dependence on public transport and the difficulties thereof, we operate college owned buses on the following routes Ranjhi, Adhartal, Damohnaka, Ghamapur, Gwarighat, Sadar, Gorakhpur, Madan-Mahal, Medical, Ranital, Yadav-colony, Vijayanagar.


Library serves as a resource center and aims to develop a comprehensive collection of documents useful for faculty and students of the institute and provides an efficient dissemination of knowledge. OGI aims for it to be best among engineering college libraries in the country.

OIST library functions in co-ordination with the Central Library. The complete Library has been converted into digital Library. Issue and return of books are carried out through bar code reader for which students have been given bar codes. With this facility, issue and return of books are carried out within seconds. 10 National and 2 International Journal per branch available in the college.

The well stocked l Library of the Oriental Institute of Science & Technology has

  • A wide range of books
  • Periodicals
  • Leading news papers (English Plus Hindi),
  • The concept of e-learning & C-library,
  • Digital E-journals, which serve as a focal point for learning..


The college canteen has been functioning at the center of the college. It provides good refreshment to the students and staff of the college at approved rates.

Green Campus

Keeping environmental requirement in mind a total of 30,000 saplings have been planted in the entire campus, besides, four gardens within the building have been already developed.

Book Bank

The College runs a Book Bank intended to assist students, from the economically weaker sections of society, by giving text books on loan to deserving students for the whole academic semester according to the rules framed for the purpose. A nominal one time fee is charged towards book-bank membership. Students are provided with 5 reference books, which are recommended by the university, per semester.

Computer Facilities

OIST Jabalpur has more than 300 i3 core 2 duo desktop and servers with 100 Mbps leased lines. The Campus LAN is fully structured. The Network is fully secure and optimized through firewall. Power backup is maintained through online UPS.

Well Equipped Labs

Labs are equipped with world class equipments and facilities based on the latest technology pertaining to different sectors. The students and faculties push the boundaries of possibilities in these world class labs, and there is always a constant buzz in this part of the campus where new knowledge is created.

Green and Clean Campus