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"Plog Run Rally"

Students & staff members of #Oriental College of Technology, participated in Plog Run Rally organized by Municipal Corporation, Bhopal to spread the inspiring message of cleanliness awareness amongst the citizens of Bhopal by holding colorful affiches for this social cause. During the rally, students raised their voice against the harmful effect of single use plastic on the environment and also distributed hand-made paper bags. The innovative way of representation and fruitful interaction encouraged the general public to get involved in the rally with #Oriental students and staff members. Throughout the rally, students took a cleanliness drive to clean up their surroundings.
Shri Alok Sharma, Mayor, Municipal Corporation, Bhopal interacted with students participated in the event.

Create an awareness in the society

NSS is very active and strives to create an awareness in the society about Social issues. Tree Plantation, Blood donation camp, Awareness rallies and Drives on cleanliness, Save River, Girl Child Education and various other Societal relevant one carried out by us.


The National Cadet Corps (NCC) in India is a voluntary organization which recruits cadets from high schools, colleges and Universities all over India. The Cadets are given basic military training in small arms and parades. The 2 Platoons of 107 boys SD cadets under the 1 MPCTR NCC Bhopal unit and 1 platoon of 53 Girls SW Cadets were raised in Oriental Group of Institutes were raised on 12-Oct-2005 under the 4 MPCTR NCC Bhopal Unit.

The NCC in India was formed with the National Cadet Corps Act of 1948. It was raised on 15 July 1948 The National Cadet Corps can be considered as a successor of the University Officers Training Corps (UOTC) which was established by the British in 1942. During World War II, the UOTC never came up to the expectations set by the British. This led to the idea that some better schemes should be formed, which could train more young men in a better way, even during peace times. A committee headed by Pandit H.N. Kunzru recommended a cadet organization to be established in schools and colleges at a national level. The National Cadet Corps Act was accepted by the Governor General and on 15 July 1948 the National Cadet Corps came into existence.

Camps - Centrally Organized Camps

  • Leadership Camp
  • Vayu Sainik Camp
  • Nau Sainik Camp
  • Rock Climbing Camp
  • Trekking camp
  • National Integration Camp (NIC)
  • Thal Sainik Camp (TSC)
  • Army Attachment Camp (AAC)
  • Airforce Attachment Camp (AAC)
  • Republic Day Camp (RDC)
  • Annual training Camp(ATC)
  • Combined Annual Training Camp(CATC)

Drill, shooting, Physical fitness, map reading, First aid, Gliding/Flying, boat pulling, sailing and camp training covering basic of military training in Army, Navy and Air Force.

This training is mostly carried out in schools and colleges by the cadets. In addition, depending upon the type of service, basic knowledge of that service is imparted to the cadets e.g gliding , powered flying for Air Wing cadets and boat pulling, sailing for Naval Wing cadets form part of institutional training. These activities comprise approximately 50% of the entire syllabus.

This is the most imp aspect of NCC Training and hence great emphasis on institutional training to be given. State DDG's to issue comprehensive instructions on organising the Institutional Training at Group / Unit level.

Following actions will be taken to improve the standard of Training.

  • Optimum utilization of PI Staff for Training.
  • Greater involvement of Offrs, WTLO's and ANO's.
  • Deficiencies in Training aids will be made up expeditiously.

Basic Training

Cadets must be made to understand the aim and purpose of teaching drill, so that they are suitably motivated and do not take it as "fatigue". Emphasis will be laid on correct bearing, marching, saluting and arms drill. Inter-squad competitions may be organized to create interest.

Weapon Training
Cadets generally take keen interest in Training and firing. Units must liaise with nearby Service and Para-Military Units to ensure that all cadets get an opportunity to fire their authorized ammunition. Use of firing simulators may be made to optimize Training efforts where possible.

Adventure Training
Adventure activities have been incorporated in NCC training with the aim of inculcating and strengthening leadership traits amongst the cadets. These activities in NCC can be broadly divided into the following.

  • Land based - Mountaineering,Rock Climbing,Trekking.
  • Water based - Sailing Expedition,White Water Rafting,Scuba Diving,River Crossing.
  • Air based - Para sailing

Youth exchange programme
This is a very important activity. It is done to increase international understanding and bolster awareness. These exchanges are done with NCC community of 10 countries namely Australia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Canada, Maldives, Nepal, Singapore, UK, Russia and Vietnam at international level.

All OC Units are keeping a check of Institutional Training regularly to ensure proper attendance. Attendance registers are marked before the commencement of the parade.

All DDG's are putting an effective monitoring mechanism which is in place to check attendance and conduct of this Training.

Other Activities
NCC has adopted community development activities with the aim of imbibing amongst cadets selfless service to the community, dignity of labour importance of self help, need to protect the environment and to assist weaker sections of the society in their upliftment. This is envisaged through programmes involving

  • Adult-education
  • Tree plantation
  • Blood donation
  • Anti Dowry Rally
  • Anti Female Infanticide Pledge
  • Anti Leposy Drive
  • AIDS Awareness Rally
  • Visit to Old Age Homes
  • Slum clearance
  • Disaster Management & Relief
  • Village upliftment and various other social schemes.
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