Electrical & Electronics Engineering - OCT Bhopal

About Us

Electrical & Electronics engineering department at the Oriental College of Technology, Bhopal, was established in 2002. The hard work and zeal of the faculty and students of the department has helped in making it one of the best departments. The keenness and dedication with which the department is working will certainly help it to attain further heights.

The paddock of Electrical Engineering is very lively and electrifying as it provides exceptional career opportunities in all sectors of society. The electrical engineering improvements reform our contemporary world in all facets such as fitness, trade, learning and amusement. Electrical Engineers plan and execute the structures such as power generation, transmission and distribution, telecommunication networks, electrical machines and automation and control systems.

Our Vision

Prepare the students to meet the demands of growing industries by moulding them as successful Electrical and Electronics engineers.

Our Mission

  • M1: Create qualified world class professionals in the field of electrical and electronics engineering by providing them quality education.
  • M2: Impart interlinked skills in academics and industries for the welfare of society.
  • M3: Make students proficient in existing technologies so as to fulfill future needs of electricity for domestic and industrial environment.

Programme Educational Objectives(PEO’s)

  • PEO1:
    To prepare graduates who will be successful professionals in industry, government & research areas.
  • PEO2:
    To prepare graduates who will contribute in life-long learning areas & will fulfill need of society.
  • PEO3:
    To prepare graduates who will contribute in nation building as a responsible citizens with proven expertise.
  • PEO4:
    To prepare graduates who possess technical expertise in the field of electrical and electronics engineering and allied discipline.

Programme Specific Objectives (PSO’s)

Graduating student shall be able to:

  • PSO1:
    An ability to design or develop industry sector oriented project, incorporating impact of economic, environmental & society.
  • PSO2:
    An ability to model, simulate & validate the electrical engineering problems.
  • PSO3:
    An ability to apply electrical engineering principles in wide range of industrial & professional employment areas.


Our main objectives are to conduct regular academic and extracurricular activities, thereby delivering high quality teaching. The department targets both fundamental advances and practical applications of engineering and technology. The quality and impact of our academics are demonstrated by the personal recognition of our students through their placements, awards and honors, and our results and innovations.

We see cultivating the next generation of engineers as a key role, and our graduates and post-graduates are greatly cherished by core industry and companies around the world. Our undergraduate and master's degrees are aligned to our research strengths.

We have intake of 120 in undergraduate program and 18 in postgraduate program (M.Tech. in Power Electronics).

We have all the required, well established and up-to-date laboratories. We have departmental library and well qualified staff and faculty members.


The Department believes that to enhance the technical qualifications of a student, practical knowledge is very important for which the Dept. is equipped with the number of labs.

Some of them are following:-

  • Electric Machines
  • Basic Electrical & Electronics
  • Power Electronics & Electric Drives
  • Power System
  • Computer Lab
  • Network Analysis
  • Control Systems
  • Electrical Measurement & Instrumentation
  • Microprocessor


A state level model compition was participated by following students.

SR.NO. Enrollment No. Name of Student
2. 0126EX161056 UTKARSH PATEL
3. 0126EX161032 RAJ ANAND

Chancellor’s Awards for Best Academic Performance.

  • SUSHMITA KUMARI (0126EX141111)
  • SHIVANGI MAJUMDAR (0126EX151075)
  • KARUN SHARMA (0126EX131045)
  • NEHA PRABHA (0126EX131060)
  • PRIYA NAMA (0126EX131067)
  • ABNISH RANJAN (0126EX141004)
  • MOHIT BAJPAI (0126EX141054)
  • NAYAN DUBEY (0126EX141057)
  • PRIYANSHU (0126EX141072)

Result Analysis. Dec. 2019


Branch Enrollment No. Name of Student SGPA
1. 0126EX161004 ANBESA 8.88
2. 0126EX161005 ANKITA SINGH PARIHAR 8.88
3. 0126EX161006 ANURAG KUMAR TIWARI 8.88
4. 0126EX161019 MAMTA VIJAY MALI 8.88
5. 0126EX161003 AMAN YADAV 8.63


Branch Enrollment No. Name of Student SGPA
1. 0126EX171007 GOURI SONI 8.33
2. 0126EX171001 ALIMA KHAN 8.21
3. 0126EX171010 PRAVEEN KUMAR DWIVEDI 8.21
4. 0126EX171008 HARI PRASAD TRIPATHI 7.96
5. 0126EX171011 RISHABH SHUKLA 7.79
6. 0126EX171004 ANSHUL DASHPUTRE 7.75


Branch Enrollment No. Name of Student SGPA
1. 0126EX181002 ANSHU KUMAR MISHRA 7.33
2. 0126EX181001 AKANKSHA 7.21
3. 0126EX181008 PUNIT SAHU 7.17
4. 0126EX181006 NIKITA BAISWAR 7
5. 0126EX181005 MIHIR AGNIHOTRI 6.83

Result Analysis. Dec. 2018


Branch Enrollment No. Name of Student SGPA
1. 0126EX151071 SHALINI JAISWAL 9
2. 0126EX151085 TABREJ ALAM 9
3. 0126EX151034 MADHU KUMARI 8.88
4. 0126EX151069 RUPALI BHARTI 8.5
5. 0126EX151086 UTKARSH KUMAR 8.38
6. 0126EX151051 PRATIBHA SHAHI 8.25


Branch Enrollment No. Name of Student SGPA
1. 0126EX161051 SUMIT KUMAR 8.25
2. 0126EX161003 AMAN YADAV 8
3. 0126EX161019 MAMTA VIJAY MALI 8
4. 0126EX161039 SAMARTH SHARMA 7.88
5. 0126EX161056 UTKARSH PATEL 7.88


Branch Enrollment No. Name of Student SGPA
1. 0126EX171007 GOURI SONI 8.42
2. 0126EX171002 AMIT KUMAR PATEL 8.17
3. 0126EX171010 PRAVEEN KUMAR DWIVEDI 8.17
4. 0126EX171001 ALIMA KHAN 7.83
5. 0126EX171008 HARI PRASAD TRIPATHI 7.71
Oriental College of Technology, Bhopal

Department of Elecrical and Electronics Engineering
Student high scorers of RGPV: session July-Dec, 2017 (Toppers)

Semester VII

1. 0126EX141111 SUSHMITA KUMARI 9.13
2. 0126EX141088 SAHIL JAIN 8.88
3. 0126EX141072 PRIYANSHU 8.75
4. 0126EX141117 VINAY KUMAR SINGH 8.75
5. 0126EX141067 PRASHANT SRIVASTAVA 8.63
6. 0126EX141114 TRIPTI RAJ 8.63
7. 0126EX141116 VAIBHAV SINGH UMATH 8.63
8. 0126EX141004 ABNISH RANJAN 8.56

Semester V

1. 0126EX151075 SHIVANGI MAJUMDAR 9.13
2. 0126EX151030 GAURAV DUBEY 8.75
3. 0126EX151037 NAVIN KUMAR 8.75
4. 0126EX151064 RISHABH SINGH CHANDEL 8.75
5. 0126EX151070 SANIYA HUSSAIN KHAN 8.75
6. 0126EX151001 ABDUR RAHMAN 8.63
7. 0126EX151077 SHRUSHTI UMESH KOKAJE 8.63
8. 0126EX151007 ADITYA NEMA 8.5
9. 0126EX151016 ANAY CHOUREY 8.5
10. 0126EX151071 SHALINI JAISWAL 8.5
11. 0126EX151027 D MUKESHJEE 8.38
12. 0126EX151039 NIKITA NAGA 8.38
13. 0126EX151057 PUSHPENDRA BHARTI 8.38

Semester III

1. 0126EX161006 8.63
2. 0126EX161020 8.56
3. 0126EX161018 8.5
4. 0126EX161005 8.38
5. 0126EX161025 8.38

1. Sushmita Kumari
(EX VIII sem)
  1. Coordinator in Quiz Techfizz 2017,
  2. Through out Topper more than 9 CGPA

2. Vinay kumar singh
(EX VIII sem)
  1. Runner up in Robo race in Techfizz-2015
  2. Long jump runner up in 12th
3. Bipin Modi
(EX VIII sem)
  1. Head coordinator in ICERA 2016, Bhopal,
  2. Coordinator in Quiz, Techfizz 2016
  3. Coordinator in paper presentation, Techfizz 2016, 2017,
  4. Runner up in Drone comptetion, Techfizz-2014,
  5. Runner up in Quiz Techfizz-2014, 2015,
Head coordinator in ICERA 2016, Bhopal, Coordinator in Quiz, Techfizz 2016, Coordinator in paper presentation, Techfizz 2016, 2017, runner up in Drone comptetion, Techfizz-2014, runner up in Quiz Techfizz-2014, 2015,
4. sahil jain
(EX VIII sem)
  1. Mbd talent search ,2005 2006
mbd talent search ,2005 2006
5. prashant shrivastav
(EX VIII sem)
  1. Nationallevel medal in karate
  2. Engineering olympiad air 468
  3. NEST AIR 167
National Level Player
6. Mamta mali
(EX IV sem)
  1. NCC A Certificate
  2. Kalaratna award in handwritting competition
  3. NCC medal
  4. Debate competion
State Level NCC
7. Karuna gokhe
(EX IV sem)
  1. State and national level aerobics championship (gold & bronze ) medal
  2. State and national level basket ball (runner up & Bronze)
State and National Level Player
8. Arun patel
(EX IV sem)
  1. National level netboll
  2. State level ethletics
State and National Level Player
9. Manish mishra
(EX IV sem)
District level badminton State and National Level Player
10. Neha Joshi
(EX IV sem)
  1. AIR -1 in Dainik Bhasker Graffiti designing
  2. State level winner of Dainik Bhaskar's Brain hunt 3.Brown belt in Karate
  3. 3rd Prize in Art Genius organised by dainik bhasker and GVM global school
  4. Encouragement prize in poster making competition organised by Regional museum of natural history ,ministry of environment ,forests & climate change ,govt.of india
  5. Second prize in Bookimania(Book making and designing ) organised by MP text book corporation and Swami Vivekanand library

11. Shrushti Kokje
(EX VI sem)
  1. NSS member
  2. Presented the paper in national & international conference
12. Saniya Hussain Khan
(EX VI sem)
  1. Won atheletics championship in relay race,long jump at cluster level
  2. Quiz competition insvn university sagar.
  3. Participated in 2k17 techfizz.
  4. Winner I battle gruond competition in techfizz 17.

13. Shivangi Majumdar
(EX VI sem)
  1. Winner of event ART junkies in techfest 2K15.
  2. Member of NSS

14. Pushpendra Bharti
(EX VI sem)
IIIT bombay tech fest coordinator
15. Mukul Rajan
(EX VI sem)
  1. Second Price in ROBO WAR Teachfizz 2K17
  2. Presented the model Tittled / Other Activities in ROBO WAR (SRIJAN 2018 )
  3. Second Price in ROBO RACE (SRIJAN 2017) , held at SAM group of Institutions

16. Laboni Karmakar
(EX VI sem)
First Prize of Certificate of Appreciation

Recent Activities

S.No. Date Topic
1. 28-Jan-20 Hosted a Model Presentation and Poster Design competition, on “Best out of Waste”, under “MHRD SWACHHTA PAKHWADA 2020”.


“Student Solar Ambassador Workshop under IIT Bombay, Gandhi Global Solar Yatra”

The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering is organizing “Student Solar Ambassador Workshop 2019” under IIT Bombay, “Gandhi Global Solar Yatra” on 2nd Oct, 2019. Under the concept of “Energy Swaraj”, the local communities are trained to generate and consume their own energy. In order to propagate the idea of Energy Swaraj, Gandhi Global Solar Yatra (GGSY, www.ggsy.in) is planned not only in India but across the globe. The young generation, who will bear the maximum burden of climate change, has to be an integral part of this clean energy revolution and Energy Swaraj.

“Best out of Waste”, under “MHRD SWACHHTA PAKHWADA 2020”

The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Oriental College of Technology hosted a Model Presentation and Poster Design competition, on “Best out of Waste”, under “MHRD SWACHHTA PAKHWADA 2020” on 27th January 2020 organized by RGPV. The event was organized under the supervision of Dr. K.K. Dwivedi, Director and Dr. Netra Pal Singh, Assistant Director, Oriental College of Technology .The event saw immense participation from students. Model Presentation and Poster designing was conducted simultaneously.

“Expert Lecture on Overview on Solar Power Plant”

This expert lecture will help the students to learn:
In depth knowledge on various components of solar power plant and their technical aspects.
PETROLEUM CONSERVATION & RESEARCH ASSOCIATION (PCRA) is a registered society, set up under the aegis of Ministry of Petroleum and natural gas, Government of India. As a non profit organization, PCRA is a national government agency engaged in promoting energy efficiency in various sectors of economy. It helps the government in proposing policies and strategies for petroleum conservation aimed at reducing excessive dependency of the country on oil requirement. Over the years, PCRA has enlarged its role in improving productivity in use of various sources of energy.


Faculty Development Programme on MATLAB and its Applications.(Under TEQIP, Phase – III)

A one week faculty development programme on “MATLAB and its Applications” under TEQIP, Phase - III was held at the Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering of Oriental College of Technology, Bhopal 27th Dec. 2018 to 31st Dec. 2018

The FDP aims to provide opportunities to faculty members, research scholars and post graduate students to enrich their teaching skill and research in the field of MATLAB and its Applications. The Programme also intends to develop the knowledge of participants for simulation with advanced programming in the relevant field for inculcating learning values in students and guiding and monitoring their progress.

Industrial Visit


Course Mode :
Full Time
Course Duration :
4 Years
Seats :
Entrance Exam :
JEE Main exam

Eligibility :
Based on candidates performance in JEE Mains, on All India Level.
12th Pass out and Aggregate of 45% in PCM for General Category and 40% for SC/ST/OBC(excluding creamy layer) Candidate Students will

  • Excel as technically competent Electrical Engineers and advance technocrats
  • Excel in higher studies to build on fundamental knowledge to develop technical skills within and across disciplines .
  • Have the ability to function effectively as members or leaders in a technical teams.
  • Adapt to changes in global technological scenario and societal needs through lifelong learning .

M.Tech.(Power Electronics)

Course Mode :
Full Time
Course Duration :
2 Years
Seats :
Entrance Exam :
Not Applicable

Eligibility :
Candidates should be Indian National
For those belonging to SC/ST/OBC(excluding creamy layer) categories of Madhya Pradesh should have secured minimum 45% marks in their graduation.

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