Vision & Mission - Oriental College of Pharmacy (OCP) Bhopal Mp

Vision of the Institute

Preeminence in education, pharmaceutical sciences research and to carve the budding pharmacist as dynamic, competent, valued and knowledgeable Professionals

Mission of the Institute

  • To develop passionate, committed, dedicated and socially sensitive young pharmacists catering to the needs of Industry, Academia and Research.
  • To create centre of excellence for R&D in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences through contemporary natured research activities in emerging areas of Science and Technology.
  • To address the qualified and skilled human resource requirements of Pharmaceutical and allied environments.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

Upon completion of the course, graduates will be:

  • Able to understand the scientific principles and techniques of Pharmaceutical Sciences.
  • Possessing professional and ethical attitude, team working capabilities besides committed to explore newer avenues for research in the field.
  • Able to spread the pharmaceutical ethics amongst their contemporaries and followers.
  • Possessing competence core areas of pharmacy like Pharmaceutics, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance, Pharmacology and Pharmacognosy fundamentals as per the needs of Pharmaceutical industries, community and hospital pharmacy.
  • Responsible Pharmacists with a penchant for lifelong learning and capable of taking leadership tasks in the society.