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International Women’s Day Celebration

On 8th March 9, 2019, Oriental College of Technology celebrated International Women’s Day. Ms. Anubha Manekar founder and CEO of Girlscript foundation, Mumbai was the speaker for this event. She is indeed a remarkable speaker and known for spreading awareness. Her contribution lies in the areas like teach the web, take back the internet. She is a formar FSA, also she has done a remarkable work in maker fest 2017. She has engaged many WoMoz (Women and Mozilla is a community composed of members from different open source project) in mozilla via Girlscript. She indeed inspired the students with her great work. She enlightened the students by letting them know that, behind simple straight face is not always a razor sharp brain but perseverance and hard work with an extraordinary ability of execution. Women are the untapped reservoir of talent in world. From Hillary Clinton, Maya Angelou, Kiran Bedi to Sushma Swaraj and all the other unapologetic, daring women are ideals of women empowerment. A woman is a full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform.