OIST NSS Students visit Old Age Home

NSS students of OIST Bhopal visited the Old Age Home (Aasra) on 11 March, 2017.The aged celebrated holi with the young students and their faces beamed with joy and affection all over. The youth had the old humming over songs and dancing to the music of yester years. Snacks were distributed by the cadets and prizes were given to the senior citizens after some activities.

Indeed, the students of Oriental tried to do their part to serve the society in line with the mission of the Institute. It is not just studies that these students target but under the guidance of management and administration of the Institute, they also attempt to inculcate values by serving the deprived and underprivileged sections of the society. The aashram had expectant faces of the aged, when the students left that they would come yet again on the pretext of some occasion.