Second day of National Techno Cultural & Sports event “Tech Acme – 2015” at OIST, Bhopal.

The second day of TECH ACME’2015 has been marked by the energetic participation from a large number of students from Bhopal and outside. 

The number of students who participated in various events was around 3000 in Technical competitions and approximately 2000 in Non technical events. 

A special workshop on 3D printing was conducted which guided the students about the actual physical development of an object with the help of machines. The training expert was Prof. Nikhil Kaushik, Director, Educare Foundation, Bhopal. Students appreciated the unique concept of Automated Meshed Modeling of objects and learnt a new technology. 

N Craft, a National Conference on Recent Advancements in Futuristic Technologies, gave platform to the professional Engineers, Academicians and Research Scholars to share new idea, experiences and knowledge in various fields of Engineering and Technology. The topics covered various topics like Nano Technology, Distributed Generation, HVDC and Facts, Renewable Energy Resources and so on. 

Other events conducted were Circuit Designing, Assemble De-assemble Bug Fix, App Presentation, Click Flick, Movie Making, Mock Parliament, Collage making, Art Gallery, Roadies, Chess, Kabaddi, Race(400x 100), Table Tennis and Carom. 

In Circuit Design, about 600 teams participated who made many basic and advanced forms. Assemble De assemble unfolded the talent of the students to make new machines. In robotics, Robo race and Robo war were the star attractions of the event. After the first qualifying round, 50 teams moved to the semifinals. In Bug Fix, there were competitions on Computer Science and Information Technology. 

In Chess, 150 entries participated where as in Kabbaddi and in Basket ball,there was a participation of around 200 teams. 

Along with these new events, some of the events of the first day also continued like Model Presentation, Robotics and LAN Gaming. In sports, Cricket, Volley ball, Basketball, Badminton were played to knock their semifinal rounds. 

The star attraction of the day was Fashion Show Competition which displayed the budding talents. The questions were handled well and on the basis of that the winners were selected by the judges.