OIST Bhopal students visit Geology Lab at MVM BHOPAL

Department of Civil Engineering, OIST Bhopal organized a technical visit to geology lab at MVM College Bhopal, on 9th September 2015, for the students of 3rd semester. 

In the visit, importance of geology and various technical features related to geology were discussed. 

The aim of this visit was to give practical knowledge to the students and to enable the students to understand the importance of geology in the various fields. During the visit, the students got geological importance in the construction and its use in construction material, its occurrence, composition, durability and other properties. Under the guidance of Geologists, the students become aware of the geological work of natural agencies such as water, wind, ice and earthquakes, which help in planning and carrying out major civil engineering works. 

A special attraction of this visit was to know about petrified wood which was one of the rare examples of fossils. This whole tree took millions of years to become stone. As told by Dr. V.L. Punvatkar that petrified wood can be seen in two places all over the world, and Geology lab of MVM is one of them. The visit was quite informative for the students and faculty.