A one day industrial visit has been conducted on 23 March 2017 for the students for CSE branch of ORIENTAL INSTITUTE OF SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY, BHOPAL at CRISP (CENTER FOR RESEARCH AND INDUSTRIAL STAFF PERFORMANCE) Bhopal.

In this visit, Firstly CRISP expert described the importance of latest technologies like RDBMS, CLOUD COMPUTING AND BIG DATA, HADOOP and Java Technology etc. Thereafter, they elaborated the various Networking and hardware devices related to computer networks along with the guidance for CISCO Certifications. Also, a session on Multimedia and Graphics was organized by the CRISP experts in which they have discussed the importance of multimedia and graphics in MOVIE MAKING, GAMING. At the end, the students visited the Fashion Designing and Interior Designing unit of the CRISP. This visit has been conducted in a disciplined way and the knowledge and experiences will be very much beneficial for all the participant students to make their future and career in the IT SECTOR