TCS Workshop at OIST Bhopal

On 6 March, 2017, Mr Aditya Tiwari (Project Manager at TCS) came to Oriental Campus and conducted a session with  students about Digital Farming Initiative, TCS has taken.

 Mr Tiwari  a young, highly accomplished individual with an MBA in marketing from International Institute of Professional Studies, eagerly interacted with the students.He has 5 years of experience in Project Management and acts as Project Lead with leading Agriculture research institutes and multiple Agri-domain enterprises. He has won Young IT Professional Award 2016 from Computer Society of India at National & Regional levels.

TCS has taken this digital farming initiative for the betterment of our farmers, fishermen etc where they enable them to receive important info about pesticides, soil and water conservation, weather info to plan farming operations etc. He talked about the difficulties he and his team faced while explaining how to use the digital app to the farmers where the literacy rate was little above 2%. To make their reach better amongst farmer families, they organised various drawing and rangoli competitions for their children and wives.

OIST students were very excited and had lots of questions about not just the make but implementation and use of this app amongst the farmers. Mr Tiwari was highly impressed with the students participation and felt that such students would definitely support the company in their campaign.