Art of Executing Research precedes Disruption through presentation by faculty membersearch through presentation by faculty members.

Research precedes Disruption: Disruption precedes Development. Oriental MBA on its path of Research & Development shared the art of executing research through presentation by faculty members.

Dr. Shikha Bhargava presented "Relationship between motivational factors and labour productivity in SMEs with reference to Nashik region"

Dr. Nidhi Deouskar presented "E-HRM tools an empirical study in selected Indian Organizations"

Dr. Mamta Manshani presented "Gender effect on consumer buying towards Organized Retailing: A study on Small Towns of Madhya Pradesh"

Prof. Deepak Tiwari presented “Impact of Merchandising on customer satisfaction and thereby on Retailers' sale - A study in selected malls of Jabalpur and Gwalior city"

Prof. Chetan Chouhan presented "Rural Consumer factors of Influence, place of Influence and decision making process an exclusive model based study"